Images are not available to view online.

Each image has a unique reference number and password to ensure an incorrect image cannot be ordered accidentally.

Yes, dont worry. Post your order along with the payment and your name and address written on the reverse of the proof to the following address.

Academy Photography,
Studio One,
Lymedale Court,
Dalewood Road,

Please add an additional £6 to cover a search fee and postage.
Allow upto 28 days for late orders to be produced.

The original proof would have been returned along with your first order. Block out any ticks, crosses or quantities that may already be marked and clearly state your new requirements.

Please write your name and address on the reverse of the proof and add £3.00 to cover postage.

Family packs contain a single image. If you are spoilt for choice and can't decide which image you prefer, please call our office with an idea of the quantity and sizes you would like and we will be able to help you.

Your orders may have been packed together. Please open your pack and check.

It may take a little longer for the family group photos to filter from the school admin office into the classroom. The family pack will usually go into the oldest childs class, but please check with all of your childrens classes.

The cost of the image on USB stick is not simply the material cost of a USB stick. A great deal of skill together with expensive specialist equipment is used to create the perfect image. A massive investment is made by our company. Once a USB stick is purchased the owner of the USB stick can reproduce the image in any way and as many times as they wish. This professional image is the item of value being sold and not just the USB stick.